Verticale 2007-2012 a cura di Luciano Pignataro

uciano Pignataro: Her Michael's Laluce Drude. I return gladly always there from Michael, there is now his/her daughter Maddalena that is about to complete the studies. This that was a house has been restructured in a spacious wine cellar with a beautiful room tasting. And it is here that we try the vertical complete de her Drude, the wine business top, the name was the derogatory term with which the Piedmontese troops defined the women of the brigands.

The protocol is enough simple: late harvest, vinificazione in steel, two years in wood and one in bottle. The result is an Aglianico of the muscular but fresh Vulture, centered in some years, too much load in others. We see.

The Drudes 2012
Still young to be able to be valued. It shoots the acidity, the tannins are still wild, the exuberant fruit If you uncork him/it, you/he/she must be drunk on a juicy parmigiana of eggplants.

The Drudes 2008
That that is liked there less: alcohol's excess, warm and tired nose of mature fruit, almost jam. Sustained only by the unbelievable acidity of the Aglianico.

The Drudes 2007
An Aglianico as it waited us, the year in fact you/he/she has been very warm, but wine is ready. Alcohol, fruit, wood and tannins are in perfect equilibrium.

The Drudes 2006
Ours preferred because marked by a great freshness that holds up the whole plant enologico. A big beautiful wine, still young despite is passed well ten years from the vintage.