"Quindici vini rossi perfettamente adatti al ragù napoletano" c'è anche il nostro LE DRUDE - AGLIANICO DEL VULTURE - BASILICATA


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Luciano Pignataro Wine Blog writes:

"Fifteen red wines perfectly suited to Neapolitan ragù" there is also our LE DRUDE - AGLIANICO DEL VULTURE - BASILICATA

Taste to believe. The right combination is the one that enhances the dish, compensates for its characteristics by creating new balances. And often many ask us what wines to drink with Neapolitan ragù, the most celebrated and loved dish together with the Genoese of the Neapolitan tradition. There is no doubt that it is the main course for strong and structured wines. The combination of wine and food must be similar to that of the people chosen for their height. And, again, another mandatory reference is color. Red with red. In this case, we would even say garnet with garnet, given the color of the tomato after cooking properly.
Not only that, to tackle this complex dish we must look for wines that are over the top, a little 'more alcohol, with tannins not bitter but well present to attack fats, and with a good dose of acidity, fresh in technical terms, with a bitter closure that leaves the palate perfectly clean.
Well, what wines can we recommend for the next months when we will dedicate ourselves to the preparation of Sunday ragù?

... Let's slip into the nearby Vulture, also the Drude of Michele Laluce ........