Enotica 2015


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There will be also us to the demonstration Enotica 2015!

The festival, reaches by now the fifth edition, he/she renews his/her dress and his/her spirit, not only exalting the wine but all that that it rotates around him, above all the suggestions. Enotica is the expression of a way to live of a serene context in which is possible to leave to be transported by pleasant feelings. Devoted to the immortal match among Wine and Eros, the festival of the wine and the sensuality' continuous to present as one of the events most variegated of the season.

From 13 to March 15 the Busy Social Center and Autogestito Strong Prenestino, space Roman of the state-of-the-art social and cultural, becomes theater of a bridegroom "baccanale" and point of I untie some critical and independent culture that becomes of a style state-of-the-art of life alternative to the frantic rhythms of the daily paper. Three days of tastings and show live, in which the sharing of a good glass of wine, unites him to the music, to the art, to the poetry, in a meeting of pleasures, through a path sensoriale that unties him among the 100 underground cells of the famous Roman social center. Confirming the line up of the preceding editions, the program he/she offers three days of concerts, shows, shows and the products of 60 wine-dressers and authentic farmers impassioned witnesses of the ancient message that unite the sweetness of the wine to the convivialità.

Every sip will be carrier of a history, every perfume will conduct us in a trip unique sensoriale.
A' atmosphere and a place without time, rules, inhibitions, status and judgments, to strengthen the bond indissoluble between the human being and the earth, among wine, eros and liberty.'
Enotica and' creation and' ri-creation. It surprises and it tries to every sip to every bit.
And' the smile of two lovers that you/they are kissed in an angle, that you/they dance in a vortex of emotions, and' the clouded sight, the accelerated heart, the din of thousand of uncorked bottles, laughters, emotions of an instant, that every year is renewed. Enotica and' joy to live over the crisis over the convections of a society disciplined by the logic of the exploitation and the individual leveling and sensoriale.